Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chicken CRACK - They go CRAZY for it!

Some people go through a lot of effort to make special seed/grain blends to feed to their chickens. I've tried that, but what usually ends up happening is that the chickens just make a HUGE mess picking through all of it to get to what they want. Variety makes for a happy flock, but all of that waste can put a real damper on your feed bill! We had to find a better way. What I like to do with our flock is put laying pellets only in our big feeder, and then every afternoon I bring our girls something special. Sometimes I bring whatever produce we have an abundance of in our garden; or seasonal favorites like Ice Block Cakes in the Summer, or one of my DIY (better than) Flock Blocks in the Winter - and sometimes I bring what I like to call Chicken Crack. I call it Chicken Crack because of how they respond when I bring it out. They go absolutely CRAZY for it! They must be able to smell it too, because even before I can put it in the Swinging Treat Holder  where they can see it, they are all over me! I literally have to wade through them. I can't complain though, I just love it when they make such a fuss!

Chicken Crack is fairly versatile and has a lot of health benefits for your flock too. As long as you have the few main ingredients, you can pretty much add whatever else you have on hand, or whatever your flock likes the best. I've provided a list with a few examples. Feel free to pick and choose as you desire, or add some of your own. Just remember there are a few things to avoid feeding to chickens; like avocados, onions, white potatoes, etc. - And never ever feed them anything moldy.  

We have a flock of 9 girls that I make this for, so you may want to increase or decrease the amounts to better suit your flock's size. 

Main Ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup Crushed Corn (High in nutrients and is easily digestible.) 
  • 1/2 cup Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (High in protein, vitamins, and minerals.)
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon (Multiple health benefits.)
  • 1 tsp Crushed Red Pepper (De-worming properties.) 
  • 1 tsp Probiotic Powder (Aids in digestion and keeps their intestinal tract healthy.)
  • 1 Tbs Minced Garlic (Boosts the immune system, natural wormer, & helps keep bugs away.)

Optional Ingredients: (Choose 2 or More)
  • Boiled Egg(s) with Shells, crumbled (High in protein and calcium from the shells.)
  • Dried Mealworms (High in protein.)
  • Grass Clippings (High in protein, and FREE.)
  • Fresh or Dried Fruit, chopped (High in fiber and vitamins.)
  • Fresh Vegetables, chopped (High in fiber and vitamins.)
  • Unsalted Peanuts (High in protein.)
  • Plain Yogurt (Only use occasionally. Helps keep their intestinal tract healthy.)
  • Rolled Oats (Raises Metabolism and helps keep them warm. Reserve this one for colder months.)

Just stir it all together, bring it to your flock, and watch the fun!

Your chickens are gonna love you for it!

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  1. Love this idea and can't wait to try it with my hens and roos. Thanks! And congratulations! You are this week's featured blogger on Simple Saturday's Blog Hop. Sure hope you will have another great post to share with us this week, too. - Janet

    1. Yay!! Thank you so much for the feature Janet! :o)

    2. what is the Ice Block Cakes that you mentioned in the article

  2. I wish you had added a video of them going crazy. No reason, other than it would be fun to see.

  3. what brand of probiotic powder do you use? I can't wait to give this to my girls!

    1. Hi Tammy! I use the ProBios powder, but I'm sure that you can use any brand that you like (or can find.) I hope your girls enjoy it as much as mine do! :o)

  4. Hi!! Could you please give us the details on how you make your Ice Block Cakes? Even though we just got over a foot of snow here in Michigan, this is my first full year with chickens, and, I am just trying to get ideas. Besides, what else is there to do when you are semi-snowed in than hunt around on Pinterest, etc.

    1. Hi Brenda! I am so sorry for the delayed response. It has been a bit hectic around here with the Holidays and all. I was planning to write up a post for the Ice Block Cakes this summer, but to give you a brief idea right now... Just place whatever treats you like (diced fresh fruit or veggies, cracked corn, etc.) in a cake tin. Cover over with water, and freeze. Remove the frozen treat block from the pan and give to your flock. I like to put mine in the swinging treat holder, but if you don't have one, just place it on a pan or something. It's like a Popsicle for chickens! I hope that helps.

  5. This sounds, good, but, I have over 150 chickens, so I would have to make a much larger amount. Many are bantams. I was wondering what you mean by crushed corn. Do you mean cracked corn, or something else. Thanks Judy

    1. Yes ma'am crushed corn is the same as cracked corn. And Oh my goodness, 150 chickens! That is quite a lot! I hope they enjoy their treat. :o)

  6. I was told that garlic was not something they'd like....

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

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