On the Farm

As you know, I grew up in the city - well kinda. You see the area where my house was located was actually pretty rural, especially when I was younger. The city didn't really start encroaching on that area until I was much older. I go back every now and then to visit family and friends that still live there, and can hardly believe my eyes as to how little of the farms remain. As a child, I remember being greeted each morning, by a cow and a few goats that lived in the barn just behind our property. But alas, that's all gone now... Only rows and rows of cookie cutter houses remain. :'(

So I dedicate this page to all of the farmers out there. You don't have to have a 50 acre spread, just a love of nature's bounty. Whether you grow veggies or critters - or both, hopefully you'll find something here that tickles your fancy. 

This page will reference all of the farm related posts on Florassippi Girl. From preserving the food we grow, to taking care of our animals, or anything else that might be helpful on a farm. Also, please feel free to comment below with tips of your own. We're all in this together. :o)  

Farm and Garden Tips:  

Home Remedies:

Critter Connection:

Preserving the Harvest:

Garden Fresh Foods:

Now I'm just getting started, so this page might look a bit sparse for a while. For more great farming ideas from around bloggyland, be sure to check out my Pinterest boards Garden Goodness - HomemadeOn the Farm, and Home Remedies.

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