Monday, June 16, 2014

Snail Shell Art

The kiddos and I just got back from visiting Grammy. We always love going there because she lives just off of a lake, and has an access canal right out her back door. There's always something fun and exciting to do around Grammy's house!

This time it was all about the snails. They were everywhere! The local authorities had deemed them an environmental threat, and had asked everyone to remove as many as they could from the lake. - Mission accepted! - Each night just after the sun would set (that's when the snails came out) we would walk along the water's edge and gather any that we could find. 

The kiddos loved hunting for the snails, but we took it a step further. We decided to let the kids get their creativity on. So we cleaned the shells up (for detailed instructions on how to clean them, click HERE) and gathered the crafting supplies. Then, we just let our imaginations run wild. 

A Mouse

It truly amazes me to see all the wonderful creations that came out of something so ordinary! These are just a few of my favorites. 

A Chameleon

A Shiny Pink Pet

Take a look around your area, and see what hidden treasures your family can find. 


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