Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lint - The Best Fire Starter Money Can't Buy

That's right... Lint. It's quite possibly the best fire starter around! That's why it's so important to keep your lint traps cleaned out on your dryer. With little more than a spark, it'll start up a flame. People usually just throw their lint away, but not me. I keep a bag hung right next to my dryer. So when I clean out my lint trap, it's right there. Anytime I need to start a fire, I just grab a big bunch of it and work the magic. 

Simply stack your wood however you like, and then tuck wads of the lint in various spots around the base of the pile. Light the lint. (It only takes a second.) and enjoy the fire. It's truly that easy! 

Whether your planning a big fire, or just a small one, the lint will do the trick. It's non toxic and best of all, FREE! Now you will need to be sure to have enough kindling, and it won't just 'erupt' into flames, but what you will get, is a nice steady burn. I've used it for years, and rarely use anything else.  

For those of you that enjoy camping, lint is the perfect choice. It compacts well, and has hardly any weight, thus making it very easy to carry around with you. And because it's non toxic, you can cook over the fire without any problems.

I've also seen where some people make pretty little fire starter bundles with lint. It's easy, and not to mention, a fun craft project to do with the kiddos. Just stuff a small amount of lint inside a toilet paper tube. (Fill it about halfway.) Wrap it in colorful paper. Fold the ends over, and tie it off to hold it all together. You can customize the look according to your tastes and/or needs. 

These cute little packages go great in gift baskets, and certainly look better than a big ol' bag of lint hanging around. However, none of this is necessary for the fire starting itself. It's simply just to make it look pretty, and is completely optional.

Next time you find yourself in need of a fire, try using lint to start it. You might just be surprised at how well it works.



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