Thursday, September 5, 2013

Okra Fries

        or French Fried Okra... whichever you prefer.

I have to thank Hubby for introducing me to this tasty little creation. Now, I've eaten Okra in numerous ways, but had never imagined doing something like this. I know that okra is one of those 'love it or leave it' vegetables, but this way of cooking it just might change all that! For all of you naysayers out there, Okra Fries are not the least bit slimy. They turn out crispy, salty and delicious, just the way french fries should be!

They are super easy to make, too! Just cut fresh okra in half lengthwise. If they're thick, split the halves in half again. Then deep fry until golden brown - just like you would for french fried potatoes. Drain on paper towels and salt to taste. Easy!

The only problem you might have is whether or not you made enough! ;) Oh, and something else yummy we discovered by doing this... the little fried balls (seeds) that will be at the bottom of the plate when the fries are gone - don't just throw those out. They taste just like popcorn!  YUM!




  1. Great idea. My husband loves fried okra but I never thought of doing it this way. New follower from Let's Get social Sunday

  2. New follower from Let's Get Social Sunday!

    I will DEFINITELY have to try this! I love me some okra! lol :)


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